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Parallel Search Algorithms using MPI

Problem Statement:

Parallel Search Algorithm-
Design and implement parallel algorithm utilizing all resources available. for

  • Binary Search for Sorted Array'
  • Depth-First Search ( tree or an undirected graph ) OR
  • Breadth-First Search ( tree or an undirected graph) OR
  • Best-First Search that ( traversal of graph to reach a target in the shortest possible

Compilation Steps:

Depending on the computer that you are using, you may be able to compile an MPI program with a similar command, which automatically locates the include file and the compiled libraries that you will need. This command is likely to be:

        mpiCC myprog.c
Some systems allow users to run an MPI program interactively. You do this with the mpirun command:

        mpirun -np 4 a.out
This command requests that the executable program a.out be run, right now, using 4 processors.

Source Code:

  • Binary Search

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