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BE COMP LP4 Writeups

Savitribai Phule Pune University

Fourth Year of Computer Engineering (2015 Course)

410255:Laboratory Practice IV

Hello everyone, LP4 LAB contains practicals for Elective subjects. You can find writeups for them on below Links:-

Note: Please check with your professor for actual practical list.

  1. Compiler All Writeups 1-8
  2. Lab Manual for compiler
  3. HCI Writeups 1-5 (thanks to Amruta Kulkarni, PICT)
  4. Cloud Computing Lab Mannual (thanks to jainakshay781.files.wordpress.com)

You can find Writeups for LP3 here.


  1. Please upload LP3 programs and cloud computing programs with outputs.

  2. plz upload HCI program code...


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