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Elective IV 410253(B): Human Computer Interface

Hello Readers, As we all Know many BE Computer Students opt for HCI Subject as Elective IV .Unfortunately no predefined book available in the market so we are collaboratively gather reading materials across different resource from PPT,PDF,some content copied from books. Hope this will help you during this exam .

Download Human Computer Interaction  Referenece PDF

Question Bank For Insem Exam

Guidelines for preparing First 3 units

Unit-I  : Text Book 1: Alan Dix Chapter 1,2,3,9
              Text Book 2: Rogers,,Sharp  Chapter 13

Unit-II : Text Book 1: Alan Dix Chapter 5,6,7,10,12

Unit-III : Text Book 1: Alan Dix Chapter 8
     Text Book 2: Rogers,Sharp  Chapter 11
             Other material shared

Chapter 2: 

  1. HCI design principles and rules: design principles, principles to support usability,HCI design standards  
  2. Interaction Design Basics, Interaction Styles. HCI in the Software Process. golden rules and heuristics, HCI patterns 
  3. User-centered design, task analysis/GOMS,  
  5. Graphics Design   

Chapter 4:  Notes

all rights are reserved to author of books we are just collaborators .

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