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ASM program to sort the list of integers(2 digit) in ascending/descending order

Problem Statement:-

Write X86 program to sort the list of integers in ascending/descending order. Read the input from the text file and write the sorted data back to the same text file using bubble sort.


;=================Bubble Sort Program to sort BYTE numbers from a file=====================
%macro cmn 4
 mov rax,%1
 mov rdi,%2
 mov rsi,%3
 mov rdx,%4

%macro fread 3 
 mov rax,0  ;read
 mov rdi,%1  ;filehandle
 mov rsi,%2  ;buffer
 mov rdx,%3  ;buffer length

%macro fopen 1
 mov rax,2  ;open
 mov rdi,%1  ;filename
 mov rsi,2  ;mode R/W
 mov rdx,0777o  ;permissions

%macro fwrite 3
 mov rax,1
 mov rdi,%1
 mov rsi,%2
 mov rdx,%3

%macro fclose 1
 mov rax,3
 mov rdi,%1

%macro exit 0
 mov rax,60
 mov rdi,0

section .data
 ;Strings to be displayed 
 welcomelen equ $-welcome
 dash db "==========================================",0ah
 dashlen equ $-dash 
 self db "Author: Vidyabhushan , SCOE, Kondava",0ah
 selflen equ $-self

 errmsg1 db "Source file not found",0ah
 errmsglen1 equ $-errmsg1

 errmsg2 db 0ah,"Destination file not found",0ah
 errmsglen2 equ $-errmsg2
 newline db " ",0ah
 newlinelen equ $-newline

 inputmsg1 db "Enter SOURCE FILE name : ",20h
 inputmsglen1 equ $-inputmsg1

 inputmsg2 db "Enter DESTINATION FILE name : ",20h
 inputmsglen2 equ $-inputmsg2

 completee db "CONTENT HAS BEEN SORTED..!!!",0ah
 completeelen equ $-completee

 completee1 db "Check your Destination file",0ah
 completeelen1 equ $-completee1

 errr db "SOMETHING WENT WRONG.!!",0ah
 errrlen equ $-errr


section .bss

 filename1 resb 20  ;source file name
 filename2 resb 20  ;destination file name
 filehandle resq 1  ;file handler
 abuflen resq 1   ;Actual buffer length after reading a file
 filedata resb 4096  ;buffer memory for data of source file
 filedatalen equ $-filedata ;source file buffer length
 filedata2 resb 4096  ;for destination file
 filedatalen2 resq 1  ;length for destination file

 lenn resb 1   ;No of elements stored in array

 array resb 20   ;Memory for array
 cntr resb 1   ;Counter for bubblesort
 cntr2 resb 1   ;Counter for bubblesort
 ptr resb 1   ;Pointer for bubblesort

section .text


global _start
 cmn 1,1,dash,dashlen
 cmn 1,1,welcome,welcomelen  ;Prints message
 cmn 1,1,dash,dashlen
 cmn 1,1,self,selflen
 cmn 1,1,dash,dashlen
 cmn 1,1,inputmsg1,inputmsglen1  ;Prints message
 cmn 0,0,filename1,20   ;Takes file name in filename1
 dec al    
 mov byte[filename1+rax],0    ;This is for fopen to get exact file name eg.- file1xxxxxxxx

 xor rax,rax    
 fopen filename1      ;opens source file

 cmp rax,-1h      ;If any exception
 jle fileexception1
 mov [filehandle],rax     ;acquires file handler

 fread [filehandle],filedata,filedatalen ;  ;Reads file with followed parameters
 dec rax       
 mov [abuflen],rax     ;Get actual buffer length
 fclose [filehandle]     ;Closes source file
 call BufferToArray     ;call to procedure to convert buffered ascii text to equivalent hex 
        ;number and put it into array
 call BubbleSort      ;calls procedure bubblesort
 call ArrayToBuffer     ;calls procedure to convert sorted hex data into ascii text
 xor rax,rax
 cmn 1,1,dash,dashlen

 cmn 1,1,inputmsg2,inputmsglen2
 cmn 0,0,filename2,20     ;Acquires destination file
 dec al   
 mov byte[filename2+rax],0    ;Get exact filename eg. file2xxxxxxx

 fopen filename2      ;opens destination file
 cmp rax,-1h      ;Exception if any eg. File not found
 jle fileexception2
 mov [filehandle],rax     ;file handler
 fwrite [filehandle],filedata2,[filedatalen2]   ;Writes content in block filedata2 to destination file
 fclose [filehandle]     ;Closes destination file

 cmn 1,1,completee,completeelen
 cmn 1,1,completee1,completeelen1
 cmn 1,1,dash,dashlen
 exit       ;call to exit
 cmn 1,1,errmsg1,errmsglen1    ;Exception handling block
 cmn 1,1,errmsg2,errmsglen2    ;Exception handling block

;======================================Converts File ascii text to hex number==========================================
 mov dl,00h      
 mov byte[lenn],dl     ;set array length to 0
 mov cl,byte[abuflen]     ;Gets total no of byte present in source file 
 mov rsi,filedata     ;points to memory where data of file is stored i.e filedata
 mov rdi,array      ;points to array's starting location

 xor rax,rax
 xor rbx,rbx 
 mov bl,byte[rsi]     ;Gets first number in bl register
 cmp bl,20h      ; Checks if there is space (space=20h)
 je nextnum      ; If yes jumps to nextnum
 cmp bl,0ah      ; Checks if there is New Line (newline=0ah)
 je nextnum      ; If yes jumps to nextnum
 cmp bl,39h      ;Checks if number is below 9
 jbe digit
 sub bl,07h      ;If numbers are A,B,C,D,E,F substracts 07 from ascii
 sub bl,30h      ;Substracts to get hex equivalent
 rol rax,04      ;Rotates left bl with 4 bit to get current value in LSB 
 and al,0f0h      ;Sets LSB to 0
 add al,bl      ;adds al with bl
 inc rsi       ;points to next memory
 dec cl       ;decrements size of length
 jnz cont1
 mov byte[rdi],al     ;Gets first hex equivalent in array location
 inc rdi       ;Increments array Location
 inc byte[lenn]      ;Increments length of array
 inc rsi
 cmp cl,00h      ;Checks to see if counter is 0
 je stop
 dec cl
 jnz cont
 mov word[rdi],0ffffh     ; Sets array+1 to ff so that if (FF) is compared then it will be swapped
        ; FF itself

;======================================Bubble sort Logic applied on array memory block==========================================
 mov rdi,array      ;pointer to starting of array
 mov byte[ptr],00h     ; set this variable to 00
 mov cl,byte[lenn]     ;set cl with array length
 mov byte[cntr],cl     ;set this variable with array length
 up1 :
 mov rdi,array      ;Points to start
 mov al,byte[cntr]     ;
 mov bl,byte[ptr]
 sub al,bl      ; n-i (Rather to increase i, Decrements n)
 mov byte[cntr2],al     ; j pointer in bubble sort
  mov al,byte[rdi]    ;Get [j] in al
  mov bl,byte[rdi+1]    ;Get [j+1]in bl
  cmp al,bl
  jb skip      ;Compares
  mov [rdi+1],al     ;If larger swapped
  mov [rdi],bl
     inc rdi     ;Else continues to next number
     dec byte[cntr2]
     jnz up2
 dec byte[cntr]      ;Decrements n (Rather to increase i)
 jnz up1

;======================================Converts sorted hext number to ascii text==========================================

 mov rsi,filedata2     ;Points to memory for file2
 mov cl,byte[lenn]     ;gets total no array in cl
 mov dh,00h      
 mov rdi,array      ;Pointer to array

 xor rax,rax      ;Set rax=0
 mov dl,02h      ;Counter to how many time to rotate left
 mov al,byte[rdi]     ;Gets 1st no in al
 xor ah,ah      ;Sets ah to 00
 rol rax,04      ;rotates left rax to 4 bit 
 cmp ah,09h      ;checks if nibble came from al to ah a digit or not
 jbe dig
 add ah,07h      ;If Letters adds 7
 add ah,30h      ;Add 30 to convert to ascii
 mov byte[rsi],ah     ;Stores this value to destination file data memory
 inc rsi       ;increments memory location of destination file
 inc dh       
 dec dl       ;Decrement for next nibble
 jnz currentnum
 mov byte[rsi],20h     ;If first number in array completly converted to hex then adds space _
 inc rsi       ;Increments pointer
 inc rdi
 inc dh
 dec cl
 jnz nextnumber
 mov byte[filedatalen2],dh    ;Moves total number of bytes to written


Original file.txt



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