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ASM Program to display the values of GDTR, LDTR, IDTR, TR and MSW Registers

Problem Statement:-

Write X86/64 ALP to switch from real mode to protected mode and display the values of GDTR, LDTR, IDTR, TR and MSW Registers.


%macro scall 4
mov rax,%1
mov rdi,%2
mov rsi,%3
mov rdx,%4

Section .data
title: db 0x0A,"----Assignment 6-----", 0x0A
title_len: equ $-title
regmsg: db 0x0A,"***** REGISTER CONTENTS *****"
regmsg_len: equ $-regmsg
gmsg: db 0x0A,"Contents of GDTR : "
gmsg_len: equ $-gmsg
lmsg: db 0x0A,"Contents of LDTR : "
lmsg_len: equ $-lmsg
imsg: db 0x0A,"Contents of IDTR : "
imsg_len: equ $-imsg
tmsg: db 0x0A,"Contents of TR : "
tmsg_len: equ $-tmsg
mmsg: db 0x0A,"Contents of MSW : "
mmsg_len: equ $-mmsg
realmsg: db "---- In Real mode. ----"
realmsg_len: equ $-realmsg
protmsg: db "---- In Protected Mode. ----"
protmsg_len: equ $-protmsg
cnt2:db 04H
newline: db 0x0A

Section .bss
g: resd 1
 resw 1
l: resw 1
idtr: resd 1
 resw 1
msw: resd 1

tr: resw 1
value :resb 4

Section .text
global _start
scall 1,1,title,title_len
smsw [msw]
mov eax,dword[msw]
bt eax,0
jc next
scall 1,1,realmsg,realmsg_len
jmp EXIT
 scall 1,1,protmsg,protmsg_len

 scall 1,1, regmsg,regmsg_len
;printing register contents
scall 1,1,gmsg,gmsg_len
SGDT [g]
mov bx, word[g+4]
call HtoA
mov bx,word[g+2]
call HtoA
mov bx, word[g]
call HtoA

;--- LDTR CONTENTS----t find valid values for all labels after 1001 passes, giving up.

scall 1,1, lmsg,lmsg_len
SLDT [l]
mov bx,word[l]
call HtoA

;--- IDTR Contents -------
scall 1,1,imsg,imsg_len
SIDT [idtr]
mov bx, word[idtr+4]
call HtoA
mov bx,word[idtr+2]
call HtoA
mov bx, word[idtr]
call HtoA

;---- Task Register Contents -0-----
scall 1,1, tmsg,tmsg_len
mov bx,word[tr]
call HtoA

;------- Content of MSW ---------
scall 1,1,mmsg,mmsg_len
mov bx, word[msw+2]
call HtoA
mov bx, word[msw]
call HtoA
scall 1,1,newline,1
mov rax,60
mov rdi,0

;------HEX TO ASCII CONVERSION METHOD ----------------
HtoA: ;hex_no to be converted is in bx //result is stored in rdi/user defined variable
mov rdi,value
mov byte[cnt2],4H
rol bx,04
mov cl,bl
and cl,0FH
cmp cl,09H
ADD cl,07H
add cl, 30H
mov byte[rdi],cl
INC rdi
dec byte[cnt2]
JNZ aup
scall 1,1,value,4



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