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ALP to find the roots of the quadratic equation

Problem Statement:-

Write 80387 ALP to find the roots of the quadratic equation. All the possible cases must be considered in calculating the roots


;Like printf function in c's asm code
%macro myprintf 1 
mov rdi,formatpf
sub rsp,8
movsd xmm0,[%1]
mov rax,1
call printf
add rsp,8

;--- Printf function 
%macro myscanf 1
mov rdi,formatsf
mov rax,0
mov rsi,%1
call scanf

;----- Normal System call macro ----
%macro scall 4
mov rax,%1
mov rdi,%2
mov rsi,%3
mov rdx,%4 
;------ Data Section ------
Section .data

ff1: db "%lf +i %lf",10,0 ;format for printf/scanf argument
ff2: db "%lf -i %lf",10,0
formatpi: db "%d",10,0
formatpf: db "%lf",10,0
formatsf: db "%lf",0
four: dq 4 ; 4 for using in formula
two: dq 2
ipart1: db " +i ", 10
ipart2: db " -i " , 10
rmsg: db 0x0A,"Roots are  real. Roots: ",0x0A
rmsg_len: equ $-rmsg
imsg: db "Roots are complex. Roots ",0x0A
imsg_len: equ $-imsg
title: db "====== QUadratic Equations ========",0x0A
 db "Enter a ,b,c : ",0x0A
title_len: equ $-title

;------ BSS Section -----
section .bss
a: resq 1
b: resq 1
c: resq 1
b2: resq 1 ; b square
fac: resq 1 ; 4ac 
delta: resq 1 ; delta value
rdelta: resq 1 ; root of delta
r1: resq 1 ;root 1
r2: resq 1 ;root 2
ta: resq 1  ; 2a
realn: resq 1 
img1: resq 1
img2 : resq 1

Section .text
extern printf
extern scanf

global main:

scall 1,1, title,title_len
;;-------- Scanning numbers
myscanf a
myscanf b
myscanf c

;;======== Printing values for checking
;myprintf a
;myprintf b
;myprintf c

;==== Calculating b square
fld qword[b]
fmul qword[b]
fstp qword[b2]

;------- Calculating 4ac
fild qword[four]
fmul qword[a]
fmul qword[c]
fstp qword[fac]

; calculating delta

fld qword[b2]
fsub qword[fac]
fstp qword[delta]

;calcualating 2a
fild qword[two]
fmul qword[a]
fstp qword[ta]

btr qword[delta],63
;bit test set carry if flag is set else reset it

scall 1,1,rmsg, rmsg_len
;;--------------- REAL ROOTS --------
fld qword[delta]
fstp qword[rdelta]

;----- (-b+squareroot(delta))/2a
fsub qword[b]
fadd qword[rdelta]
fdiv qword[ta]
fstp qword[r1]
myprintf r1

;----- (-b-squareroot(delta))/2a
fsub qword[b]
fsub qword[rdelta]
fdiv qword[ta]
fstp qword[r2]
myprintf r2

jmp EXIT

scall 1,1, imsg,imsg_len

fld qword[delta]
fstp qword[rdelta]

fsub qword[b]
fdiv qword[ta]
fstp qword[realn]

fld qword[rdelta]
fdiv qword[ta]
fstp qword[img1]

;---- printing imag roots
mov rdi,ff1
sub rsp,8
movsd xmm0,[realn]
movsd xmm1,[img1]
mov rax,2
call printf
add rsp,8

mov rdi,ff2
sub rsp,8
movsd  xmm0, [realn]
movsd xmm1, [img1]
mov rax,2
call printf
add rsp,8

jmp EXIT

mov rax,60
mov rdi,0

Compilation Steps:-

$ nasm -f elf64 quadratic.asm

$ gcc -o quadratic quadratic.o
Note: Use gcc not ld beacasuse of scanf and printf functions

$ ./quadratic



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