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Hacker Vs Cracker

To understand the methodology of a
hacker or cracker, one must
understand what a hacker or a
cracker is. Internet enthusiasts have
argued the difference between
hackers and crackers for many
Hackers known as a White hats
Crackers known as a black hats
definition of the terms hacker and

The White Hats
A hacker is a person intensely
interested in the arcane and
recondite workings of any computer
operating system. Hackers are
most often programmers. As such,
hackers obtain advanced
knowledge of operating systems
and programming languages. They
might discover holes within
systems and the reasons for such
holes. Hackers constantly seek
further knowledge, freely share
what they have discovered, and
never intentionally damage data.


The Black Hats
A cracker is one who breaks into or
otherwise violates the system
integrity of remote machines with
malicious intent. Having gained
unauthorized access, crackers
destroy vital data, deny legitimate
users service, or cause problems for
their targets. Crackers can easily be
identified because their actions are
Additionally, it should be mentioned
that there are two major types of
crackers. The first is fortunately few
and far between. They are the
expert crackers who discover new
security holes and often write
programs that exploit them. The
second type, the script kiddie, only
knows how to get these programs
and run them. Script kiddies are
more numerous, but much easier to
stop and detect.

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