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Get ₹100 Free Recharge By Recording Video

Hi guys we are baack again with new
free recharge app,This app gives you
100rs free recharge.This app will let’s you earn points for
completing various missions like
inviting friends,completing a task,you
can redeem free recharge and many
other rewards.In this app rewards
*.Freecharge ₹50 voucher
*.Paytm ₹100 voucher
*.Paytm ₹200 voucher
*.Jabong 2000 Rs voucher
*.Moto E phone
*.In this app 1 point= 1Rs
How To Get Reward :-
*.In this game a player can signup for
3 missions at a time.
*.All the missions have time
limits,each player has 3 lives.
*.A life is lost when the mission is
incorrectly or wrongly completed.
*.Download the app from here .

Link:- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.squad.run&hl=en

*.Now signup using your Facebook
account (facebook account is must be
*.Complete the trial mission.(enter
age ,gender and click an image),and
enter the app.
*.Now select a mission you can
complete click on ‘Game on’ the timer
and mission will begin. (Dont forget to
read the instructions to complete the
mission correctly) .
*.After the mission gets completed,
you will get the points redeem them
with free recharge or other rewards
from bank section.
*.Currently this app has 2 missions
1)Invite your friend and enter his/her
email id-10 Points
2)Record a video of yours doing a
work like watering plants,cleaning
your surroundings or any other good
deed -100 points .

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