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[Exclusive] How to get Rs. 130 free recharge an infinite number of times, using Line

Line India is at it again. They ran an
offer from 1st June to 30th June
(which was later extended by 10
days), under which, sending at least
1 message to any of your Line
friends for 25 days provided
recharges worth Rs. 110. This time,
they've bettered the offer. Sending a
sticker daily to any Line friends for
25 days will get all Line users
recharges worth Rs. 130.
Link to recharge a mobile number
for an amount of Rs. 10, Rs. 30, Rs.
30, Rs. 30 and Rs. 30 are sent after
every 5 days of sending a sticker.
What Line wants to achieve here by
doing this is quiet imminent, to get
the users talking and to probably get
them to shift from Whatsapp.
However, we, being Indians, love
everything that's free and try to get
as much of that free stuff as
possible. So, I ended up with this
trick which lends me unlimited
mobile recharges (unlimited is
actually equal to how many mobile
numbers you can get a verification
code from).
The special thing about the offer
Line provides is that, these
recharges work on a number even
multiple times, thus making it
possible to use your friend's number
to register on Line and then when
the link to recharge comes, use it to
recharge your own!

Requirements to get this
trick working:
1.Any Android device/iPhone
2.Lot of velle SIM cards (or asking
verification codes from your
1. Install Line app on your
smartphone from the Play store
or App Store .
2. Open Line and enter your phone
3. When you receive the verification
code, enter it in the app.
Depending on whether you've
registered this number on Line,
you will have to get through a
few steps. Unless you intend to
use Line as your go-to
messenger, skip as many of
these steps as possible, like,
select Register later in the
screen where it asks for your
Email address.
4. Allow it to auto-add friends from
your contacts list. Now if you're
not some weird loner, you
should've a few friends using the
Line app already. Send any of
these friends, a sticker (by
pressing the smiley button on
the left of the field where you
type your message) of your
5. If you are a loner and have 0
friends using Line, add a random
friend first. To do that, go to the
Add friend option and select
search by id. In the search field,
search for some common first
name and add that person as a
Line friend. Now, send him/her a
6. The teddy bear kinda toon, on
the conversations tab, should
now say 4 days to go. If it
doesn't, be patient for a few
7. Now, if you want to get
recharges worth Rs. 130 only.
You can quit. Else, go to the App
description (Settings > Apps >
All > Line) and select the Clear
Data option. I am not aware of
any equivalent to this method on
an iOS, except uninstalling and
reinstalling the app.
8. Open the Line app again and
repeat steps 1-7 for any other
mobile number you can get
verification code on.
9. Repeat steps 1-8 for 25 days
(out of the 32 days, from July 15
to August 15) and get as many
recharges as you want. You will
need to fill in verification code for
every phone number daily, so
asking a relative or a friend for
the code becomes a bit too

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