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Line Free 111 / - Talk Time Worth to 18 Million Users in India

One of the popular instant
messaging apps Line is launching
Free Talk Time promotion once
again to recreate the frenzy that it
generated from the first edition.
Starting June 1, if users send any
message or sticker on Line, they
will earn points every day, and
gain up to Rs. 111 worth of Free
Talk Time on their mobile phone.

The promotion would run for an
entire month and this time the
offer is bigger and better.
By rewarding ‘Free Talk Time', Line
intends to provide endless
pleasure of using Line service to
its very own users. Line is
continuously adding new features
and promotions to its service to
enhance user experiences and
benefits. The offer is available for
all prepaid and post-paid users on
smart phones operating on iOS
and Android OS with no restriction
on the telecom service provider.
Line aims to liberate everyone
from the burden of spending more
to talk more. This offer is all about
talking more for free.

So according to my calculation:
on 5th June: Rs.10
on 10th June: Rs.10
on 15th June: Rs.10
on 20th June: Rs.30
on 25th June: Rs.51
Total: Rs.111

Enjoy the Loot guys

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