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How To View Hidden Password behind ****

Hello Friends. Today We are learning our next tutorial.
In this tutorial I will tell You how to find password behind *******.
when we visit login page we can't see password, but there is one java script with that you can see the password behing that ******.
So Let's learn that trick.


  1. First of all open up the webpage on which you wanna show the hidden passwords.
  2. Then in the username there must be the name and in the password there must be*******
  3. Now to see the password which is behind the ******** Just copy and paste the following JavaScript into the address bar of the browser and you are done

 4.   After copying and pasting the JavaScript given above press the enter key and hidden passwords        will be shown to you.
You can use This script when some one has checked the remember me button in the login form
of any website and to reveal password from that saved astrisk or encrypted password”.
“Do not use this hack trick in any criminal activities and please do not destroy any ones account
this is for educational purpose only”.

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